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Inkscape Download

Downloading Inkscape will definitely make your editing projects a breeze for this software is an alternate tool to Adobe illustrator and CorelDraw, which allows user the capability to create multifaceted objects. Its interface is impressive for it looks clean, intuitive and well organized that it enables users to access different tools easily. Here are some of its in-depth features to show you that downloading this software is a must.

Drawing Tools – Inkscape is packed with nothing but the best features in terms of drawing projects. This one includes markers, shapes, clones, blending capacities, and most of all permits freehand drawing.

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Inkscape Features

User Friendly – Its interface is clean and easy to understand and navigate. By simply clicking some of your desired tools, move around objects with the use of your mouse, scale and create objects and even edit items are now easy to do.

Multiple Filters – This software is packed with vast array of filters and extensions for the purpose of enabling users to create more complex and unusual graphics. Users can get creative all because of its color filters, blurring tools, morphology filters and as well as 3D shaders.

Shape Tools – With the use of Inkscape shaping of designs can be achieved without any difficulty for it comes with multiple shaping tools to form rectangles or rounded corners, ellipses, arcs and circles, segments, stars shape and polygons, spirals and a lot more of options for shaping.

File Formats – Inkscape lets users import and export to ensure compatibility with different file formats. The software supports SVG, PDF, AI, JPEG, PNG, and many more. Users can also add extensions to support new file formats when they download Inkscape.

Experience the many features of Inkscape and become your own graphic designer. Click on the link to download free Inkscape software.


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